(Review originally written at 20 March 2010)

Well, it could be me but isn't a comedy supposed to be funny? This movie just gets never funny to watch, since it's so cliché ridden and is lacking with its comedy.

I just don't understand why this movie ever got made. Its script doesn't seem to have a single funny or original moment in it. Guess they tried to spice things up by adding in some psychical comedy but it just seems so very desperate all. I mean, people walking into a pole on the street or falling in a hole? Come on, how desperately lame can you get.

It of course also has a quite ridicules concept, that still could had worked out well though if it had a more clever and original script to work with.

It's also not really the actors fault that the movie does not work out as a comedy or good movie. As a matter of fact the movie has a pretty good cast with some talented actors, that also have shown in the past that they can handle the genre. It should say enough about this movie its script that not even they can provide the movie with any funny moments. I maybe even chuckled just once during this movie but I can't even remember at which point, it's that forgettable as a movie.

I can't say that I hated watching this movie, I was just never really amused by it either. There is nothing that makes this movie a good enough movie to recommend.


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