(Review originally written at 22 March 2010)

This movie really isn't the greatest one around but it surely is an entertaining one, which still makes this movie perfectly watchable.

Guess that this movie is a Giallo but it's different than usual. Although the movie is basically shot as a Giallo, it's story is quite different from what you would expect and takes some different approaches with its genre. Not necessarily great ones but it nevertheless still makes the movie somewhat original.

It's certainly quite a creative movie, that takes some odd angles and approaches at times. Still it's a perfectly accessible movie really, so don't let some of the odd sequences scare you off.

It certainly isn't the movie tense movie due, which is mostly due to its different approach. Unlike other Giallo movies, in this movie we know from the first sequence on who is the killer. All that the movie tries to answer is why does he kill off young girls, who are about to get married. This is were the movie its twists are supposedly are supposed to come from but there really isn't that much mystery or tension present in this movie though. That doesn't mean that the movie isn't taking some unexpected but also yet unlikely approaches with its story.

The movie also isn't anything gory really, which will probably disappoint a lot of genre fans. Despite the killings in this movie, there isn't anything shocking to see in this one.

Still the movie at all times remains perfectly watchable due to its pleasant style and pace. The movie is a really entertaining one, that compensates itself for its obvious and apparent more weaker points.


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