(Review originally written at 20 March 2010)

This fourth movie out of the Tremors-series is actually a prequel. The movie is being set in the time of the old wild west and again features Michael Gross in the main lead, this time as the ancestor of the character he plays in the other movies. He is actually the only actor out of the series that has appeared in all of the, so far, four Tremors movies.

This movie is directed by S.S. Wilson again, who also directed the second movie out of the series. He is also the writer of all of the Tremors movies and served as a second unit director and producer on some of the Tremors movies as well. In other words, here is a guy that really understands the series. Yet the two movies that he directed are also the worst out of the series. Not that they are horrible or anything though, just a bit messy and less interesting to watch.

The movie seemed to have a good and original idea with its main premise of making this a prequel but they did too little interesting with this in the actual movie. It actually takes quite a while for this movie for its action to kick in. The action itself is also less tense and spectacular, which is probably also due to the time period that the movie is being set in.

But you can say a lot of negative things about this movie. Fact remains however that for a fourth movie in a series such as this one, it certainly ain't a bad movie. It's still being entertaining for most part and if you liked all of the previous movies out of the series, there basically is no reason why you wouldn't like and enjoy this one as well.

A certainly decent enough movie. They are still playing with the idea to make a fifth movie as well and I don't see any reason why they shouldn't make it really.


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