(Review originally written at 17 March 2010)

Of course not all slapstick's are just good ones. No matter how much I like the genre and enjoy watching Ben Turpin in movie such as this one, this is a movie you could easily miss out on.

Thing with this movie is that it has a very messy story, that is quite hard to follow because you don't always understand what is happening on screen. It's a silent movie, so it of course is all the more hard because of that. The movie is just such a mess, with seemingly only very random stuff going on. It takes away most of the fun of this movie.

The movie is a slapstick, so it still has a couple of good laughs in it. The movie isn't too creative however, as you would perhaps normally expect from a slapstick. It has some of the usual stuff in it but is lacking something really good or really original to make this movie a better than average one to watch.

Far too messy to be found funny or watchable enough to recommend it.


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