(Review originally written at 17 March 2010)

No, this movie certainly ain't as good or fun as the first and original movie but oh well, it's still a good enough sequel that has plenty of quality to it and is still fun to watch as well.

They obviously couldn't get all of the actors from the first movie back for this movie. There are only two actors reprising their roles from the first one; Fred Ward and Michael Gross. A mistake they made was that they tried to replace the missing characters from the first movie with similar type of characters in this movie. So not much originality to this sequel with it's characters really.

But of course the movie is not just simply a rehash of the first movie, though at first it still really seems that way. There are some new creatures in the movie this time, that besides are looking better as ever. The creatures got created by the Tippett Studio this time and it's quite fun to see how its design is somewhat similar like the creatures from "Starship Troopers", a movie the Tippett Studio worked on shortly after this movie.

Still the movie really isn't better than the first one, which is not only due to the fact that it's entire premise of course isn't anything new or original anymore but more due to the fact that this movie is simply less pleasant to watch. It's less entertaining, due to its new characters but also obviously due to it's script, that seems to have been written in somewhat of an hurry, which is odd when considering that this movie got done 6 years after the first one.

Still, the movie remains a perfectly watchable one. It's not like this is a sequel that I hated watching or anything, it's just less refreshing and entertaining all when compared to the first movie. But on it's own right, the movie simply still remains a good and fun enough genre movie.


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