(Review originally written at 17 March 2010)

This Edison short got filmed on the same day as "Sioux Ghost Dance", though I have the feeling that that short was the more interesting one. Not just because it was the first (or was it? Guess we can only assume so) but also because of the way how the scene got set up.

Thing I didn't liked too much about this short was that it cut right in into the action and the natives are right in the middle of their dance already when the camera gets switched on. The Indians in it also seem to be very aware of the camera, as they are constantly looking up, right into it. The whole movie just because of that doesn't feel very natural or interesting.

They again used some real native, that were part of the Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Unlike "Sioux Ghost Dance", the names of the performers are actually known by their native names Last Horse, Parts His Hair and Hair Coat. Guess all the cool names already were taken when they were born.

Not that interesting and also not as renewing or well set up, especially when you compare it to "Sioux Ghost Dance".


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