(Review originally written at 1 June 2010)

Despite the fact that I had quite some problems with the movie, it still was throughout enjoyable to watch. Fast going and good looking. Loud and flashy but in a really good way. A great way to bring a musical to the big screen for the modern audiences.

But yet it also at the same time is a movie that is heavily flawed. I really had lots of problems with this movie. The first thing is its story. It's such an incredibly thin and simplistic story that gets stretched out incredibly, to make it fit an almost 2 hours long movie. I just didn't liked that at all. Another thing are its characters. The characters are constantly changing throughout the movie. At one point you are supposed to sympathize for them but at the other they are doing such incredibly wrong things that you just can't sympathize for them at all. And the one moment the Renée Zellweger characters was an incredibly naive, shy, sweet girl and at the other she was totally manipulative and angry with everyone around her, even the ones that never intended to hurt her and sincerely cared for her. Seriously, what was up with that?

But well, the movie is just so fast going that you tend to forget and see through its flaws, simply because you have no time to ever really stand still and think about them. It's obviously a movie made for entertainment, like basically all musicals are.

I liked the movie for being a modern renditions of the quite old fashioned and uncool musical genre. This is one of the movies that brought some new life to the genre again and helped to introduce a new style to appeal to modern audiences. It's mostly notable in its pace. The movie is basically non-stop musical and singing, which often gets annoying after a while but in this case it does work out and makes the movie entertaining.

The movie has a great look, especially for its musical moments. It's a creative movie, that does a lot with its limited space for its story to work in. The songs are also good and performed nicely by the cast, that has quite some big name in it. I really liked Renée Zellweger, despite the fact that I couldn't always like her character and I thought that her looks were also not really right for the part. Renée Zellweger just isn't a very attractive person to me and is actually one that does look better with some more meat on her bones. No matter how hard they tried to make her look sexy in this movie, it just didn't do it for me. Still she really deserved more an Oscar than Catherine Zeta-Jones did for her role in this movie.

Totally ridicules that this is a movie that won 6 Oscars, including one for best picture but it nevertheless remains a good and enjoyable enough movie to watch.


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