(Review originally written at 3 August 2010)

You can say that this movie is bit of a lackluster but it nevertheless remains a very well made movie.

It's hard to classify this movie as anything. It's not really a slasher, since there are simply not enough killings for that and for an horror/thriller it simply isn't exciting enough. But that doesn't make this movie necessarily bad really. It's just a bit of a different movie that takes its own course with its story and I must say that the movie is pretty well done.

Seems like Spanish film-makers back in the '70's try to create a same sort of horror sub-genre that was so popular in Italy, around the same time. There are a bunch of Spanish genre movies like this one but none of them really ever was successful or a truly great one. They were lacking too much in originality and gore, among other things.

The movie is not really anything special to watch. Although the movie got well done and creates a good atmosphere and also has a pretty good main premise, it remains a pretty tame and lackluster movie. It's still watchable all but it's easily a movie you can do without.


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