(Review originally written at 3 August 2010)

This movie isn't as slick looking as a normal average Hollywood production. It obviously had a low budget to spend and did not had the most talented and best known actors involved. But this all works to the movie its own advantage really. It gives the movie a certain raw edge and also realism. This movie doesn't progress as a normal Hollywood movie, with the usual melodramatic undertones. It's a movie that doesn't waste any time and is a real straight-forward one.

It's a quite daring movie because it isn't afraid to show things as they really are. The town in this movie is a real rotten one, with corruption and crime everywhere. It's all also really based on true events, which happened just very shortly before the movie began shooting. It was a fast made movie, which made it also a relevant one at its time. In a way you could say that this is a movie as well as a documentary and news-reel. Also since at the start of the movie some of the real people involved are getting interviewed about the events.

The movie doesn't try to make anything look better than they really were. This means that the movie also have some surprises in it, that can have a real shocking effect as well. It all adds to the movie its realism and raw feeling and atmosphere that hangs over it. It helps to make the movie a real effective one.

Its story also definitely makes this movie an intriguing one. The story seems simple, since it doesn't waste any time on side-plots but it's simple a solid and involving one. It's about fighting for justice and stand up against the well established organized crime. It's a powerful story that works out well in the movie. It's a movie that is incredibly effective, especially when you consider its production values and the limited time it got done in all.

A great movie, with a great approach.


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