(Review originally written at 3 August 2010)

No, this by no means is a great movie but it at least did a pretty good job nevertheless with its limited resources and actually still also did a good job at capturing the same kind of tone and atmosphere of the first movie.

No wonder this movie feels in tone with with the first movie. It's directed by Edward Neumeier, the man who wrote the screenplay for the first movie, as well as for the more worse second one but which he did not directed. The same satirical type of comedy from the first movie is brought back for this movie again, as well as Casper Van Dien, the star from the first movie "Starship Troopers".

Sure, it's all good and fun to see Casper Van Dien returning to the franchise again but it wasn't really necessary though. His character doesn't add much this time, also since he really isn't being the main character of this movie. Perhaps for its first half he still is but after that the other characters start to take over. And this is not really a good thing though. Changing main character half way through the movie only works out in some very rare and brilliant exceptions. Needless to say that this movie is not one of those brilliant cases.

Besides, brining Casper Van Dien back on board obviously also had some consequences story-wise for the movie. It's quite ridicules how this movie got used for some pro-Christianity propaganda. It's no big secret that Casper Van Dien is one of those actors that often advocate for Christianity in his movie. The religious undertones in this movie are real ridicules and also feel just too forced and completely redundant in the end.

The rest of the story is decent enough though. Definitely not great or anything too surprising but it's actually a story that brings us to many different places and introduces and follows many different characters, with all different motivations. Things like this make it obvious that Edward Neumeier is a capable writer, who could had probably done more with this story and movie if he had a bigger budget to spend.

I must say that its a pretty good looking movie but one that was obviously still quite cheap to make. It can be seen back in the props and the sets and also its special effects. Funny how the first "Starship Troopers", from 1997 is much better looking with its special effects than this 2008 production. But still, it's definitely all acceptable enough looking, especially when taking into consideration its very low budget.

The acting is quite horrible in this. I know at times it got intentionally bad written and acted out but you can just tell that still some of the actors in this movie should never be allowed to work in the industry at all. Some performances are decent but across the board it's simply below par.

It's simply a movie that works out as an entertaining one. It never becomes a mind-blowing great or original one but it never truly becomes a cringing bad one either.


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2 reacties:

  1. I am having issue deciding which is actually worse, the movie itself or the review of said movie. There are more typos in this review than in a rough draft translation of 18th century Russian prose. I am literally dumber as a result of reading this 2nd grade level clap trap. Thank you for filling my skull with such an intense and exquisite level of mush.
    By the way the movie is utterly and laughable bad.

  2. The movie was pretty lame but I liked it. Better than #2