(Review originally written at 21 March 2009)

Modern comedies are starting to get a bit tiresome and it's often simply too much of the same. "Tropic Thunder" really is not like that and takes an original approach to the genre, with a great original story and a dream-team of actors.

Ben Stiller movies are often too much Ben Stiller movies, which means that the movies focus and rely too much on him. Not that he's bad, on the contrary really but it's also a bit tiresome, especially now days, when he appears in in the main role in comedies, two times a year, or so. Thank goodness that in this movie he is being supported by some truly fine actors, of which some of them really aren't that likely that appear in a comedy. I'm of course talking about Robert Downey Jr., who simply is just brilliant in this movie. It wasn't just for nothing that he received an Oscar nomination for his role in this movie. He really deserved it. Also unexpectedly great is Tom Cruise. He once proofs to be more than just a great actor, who can handle different genres easily. The movie further more stars fine actors such as Jack Black, Nick Nolte and Matthew McConaughey.

It's a movie that's simply greatly being written and directed. It more picks the approach of a serious big multi-million Hollywood production, which enhances the movie being an Hollywood-satire even more. If you're a bit familiar with movie-making and everything surrounding it you'll find the movie to be even more funny and amusing that the average person.

It's also not a lame comedy, with lame jokes and such but it's actually a quite clever movie, that is greatly written. It's not a comedy that constantly tries to make you laugh but it's being more subtle with its humor but yet not without it's typical modern comedy touches to it. Some people might find this movie to be less funny than if got advertised as but its humor is simply just more in its little things and the pompous and over-the-top way this movie got made in. With its $92,000,000 budget this was quite a daring project, that in the end more than paid off.


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