(Review originally written at 21 March 2009)

This is a real old fashioned film noir alright. No way a movie like this could be made- and work out as well now days. This movie is even more film noir-like than most genre movies I have seen.

What makes this movie even more film-noir like than others is its story. It has an incredible amount of twists and turns in it. Characters reappear at unexpected moments, you don't know who to thrust and the story will leave you guessing to the end. The movie starts simple with a man who hires a private detective to find his wife but the plot starts to thicken more and more rapidly after that. Yes, it's a complicated story but its also such a fine written one that you can't help to be sucked in by it.

It's quite atmospheric, though perhaps not as atmospheric as other genre movies. It's really more it's story than anything else that makes this movie such a classic film-noir.

It also doesn't feature the best genre actors but the acting is still fine, mostly due to its simply wonderful dialog and script. Its tough dialog is typical for its genre and provides the movie with a really typical sense of style and atmosphere.

A great movie within its genre.


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