(Review originally written at 20 March 2010)

The Quatermass movies from the Hammer studio's are quite special ones. They are unlike what Hammer used to produce normally and they are unlike any other science-fiction and horror productions from that period in general as well.

The movies always had a more realistic approach to them, in which everything tends to get scientifically explained till an extend that it gets somewhat plausible as well in terms of something that could really happen one day. The movies because of this are also somewhat lack-lusters because they don't feature any destructive aliens or monsters that need to be fought by force and stopped before they destroy the Earth.

This is the third movie about the Quatermass character from the Hammer studio's. It's not like the movies are being very consistent with each other and often feature a different cast and a different director at the helm. All of the stories are also independent from each other, so all of the movies can be watched as separate individual ones.

I really like this movie for being different and taking the more realistic approach of things. It keeps the movie interesting at all times and also gives it a special sort of mysterious tension. It even doesn't matter much that the movie its effects are really dodgy and cheap looking, like you would expect from an Hammer production.

A real good and unexpected original watch, just like the earlier Quatermass movies from the Hammer studio's series.


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