(Review originally written at 19 March 2010)

Normally third movies, for genre movies such as this one, aren't very good. There is however very little to complain about this movie because it simply does what it is supposed to.

Unlike the first sequel, this movie is being set in the same town again as the first movie. It was definitely nice to see all those familiar places again. It doesn't mean it has the same characters and actors from the first movie in it as well. Again, only two actors from the original movie reprise their role in this one. Michael Gross got promoted to the main lead for this movie and Robert Jayne, who played the annoying brat (which I mean as a complimentary thing) Melvin in the first movie makes a small appearance in this movie as well.

It's simply a very entertaining movie. Nothing too brilliant or memorable, just simply some good entertainment. These movies never took themselves too seriously, which gives all of them a sort of camp like atmosphere and feeling over it, which is also one of the main reasons why the series is quite a popular one.

I must say that this movie is being more original than the first sequel and the movie features some new creatures as well again. The new creatures required computer effects to bring them to life in the movie and I must say there is very little wrong with the effects. For a straight-to-video flick it certainly has some good looking effects, though lots of people still seem to complain about it.

For a third movie this is simply just a good and entertaining one, that is just slightly below the level of the first movie.


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