(Review originally written at 19 March 2010)

This is a rather well done movie but the story just didn't exactly did it for me. In essence you can say this movie is an '40's chick-flick and features mostly themes that girls will be be drawn towards.

To me the story just didn't seemed very convincing or likable. How could a girl fall so deeply and madly for a guy that she has only known for one night. And when you're that naive about love you deserve to be taken advantage off in my opinion. The main character played by Olivia de Havilland was supposed to be a naive and inexperienced shy girl, who had clearly never had a guy romantically involved with her in her life. She then totally grabs herself on to the first person that gives her a bit of more than normal attention and affection. So the next day when he asks to marry him she immediately says yes, though she knows clearly nothing about him or vice versa. It's such a silly and bad massage to send out for a movie to young woman out there. Because of the story and its premise I just never could find myself truly liking this movie.

Guess the only reason why Olivia de Havilland won an Oscar for this was because of the movie its last 10 minutes. Now I have always been a fan of hers but this movie certainly did not featured her best performance. She even annoyed me at times with her naive, girl like behavior. Ralph Richardson was a far more- and better constant factor within this movie. Montgomery Clift seemed to had been slightly miscast in his role and also his accent just doesn't seem quite right for his part.

The movie does have some strong characters and all of the character go to some nice transitions, which is due to its obviously solid written story. The story got based on a novel and the stage-play that got made of that very same novel.

Like most of these big studio 'romantic' drama's from the '40's, it's all good looking and well put together. This movie had William Wyler as a director, who of course is more than a capable person. So if you're into the genre of dramatic period pieces from the '40's, this is still a good movie for you to watch.


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