(Review originally written at 18 March 2010)

No, this movie by no means is a great one and it actually is quite forgettable as well. However when you watch it you'll most likely be still entertained by it due to its great visuals and some spectacular moments.

Main thing that prevents this movie from ever becoming a great one is its story. Quite frankly it isn't even making sense really, halve of the time. I still don't quite understand what the main plot of this movie was supposed to be. The one time they are on a quest to save Percy's mother but the next they are suddenly all concerned to stop a war from happening. A war between and against who? I'm still not sure about that. It certainly all takes away the tension of the movie and makes the overall movie seem like a pretty messy one. It of course is also far from a likely story. Everything in it also seems to happen pretty random. It's quite ridicules how they managed to put as many Greek God's and mythological creatures in this as possible.

Still when there is something happening in this movie, there really is something happening. I thought they did a really great job with the movie its action. I was also really surprised by the movie its special effects that were nothing short of great looking all. Every action sequences is basically loaded with special effects and they really helped to make the movie a spectacular looking one.

Guess that this movie is a bit of a good warm-up for the "Clash of the Titans" remake, that will get released later this year and has a sort of similar concept but is of course obviously aimed toward a different audience as well. This movie is best to watch for kids, also not in the least because the main characters in this movie are supposed to be teenagers as well.

This movie has a 6 out of 10 rating written all over it, with its story, directing and acting and all of that but yet I'm going to rate it a bit higher than that, simply due to its spectacular visuals and some nice action filled moments, that will entertain you for sure.


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