(Review originally written at 14 June 2009)

As far as biopics go, this movie really isn't the most interesting one around. I mean, who is Tobias Wolff to deserve a picture being made about his life. The things he went through during his youth really aren't the toughest and he also hasn't really accomplished anything in life to consider him deserving of such a biopic. He basically is an average Joe, from Hometown USA. It doesn't mean that this is a bad movie, it just is a bit of a redundant one you can easily do without.

Sure, the movie has a nice story, that is a real typical drama one, without feeling not ever real or convincing enough. It's a good thing that the movie doesn't ever really go over-the-top with its emotions and drama, which is of course also thanks to the movie its actors.

The movie has a real surprising cast, with already established names such as Robert De Niro, Chris Cooper and Ellen Barkin in it. It however also stars some at the time still young and raising stars. The movie stars a young Leonardo DiCaprio, even before he did "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", which became his real first big breakthrough. All of the actors are powerful within their roles and also real surprising at times. We for instance don't to often see De Niro like this. The movie also stars a still young and also very unknown Tobey Maguire, in a real small part though but it was fun to notice him.

The cast is also being directed well. Sort of too bad that director Michael Caton-Jones doesn't make more drama's, since this is obviously were the most of his talent lays. Instead he more often works on overblown big pictures, like "The Jackal" and "Basic Instinct 2". Also his "Rob Roy" was far from the picture that it could had turned out to be.

"This Boy's Life" is simply a good movie but I just wouldn't exactly call it a must-see or anything like that.


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