(Review originally written at 24 June 2009)

Talking about wasting a potentially fine and interesting subject. Here we have a movie about Ed Gein, which is about the best and most interesting American horror-story, mainly because it of course all really happened. The movie however doesn't work out as good and effective because of the reason that the movie picks a wrong approach for its subject. The movie picks a more Hollywood horror approach, in which the killer and his action get depicted as sensational-horror. The movie tries hard to get personal at times and dig into the the mind of Gein but all is in vein really.

The movie still could had been a decent one of its horror, atmosphere and tension would had been better. The movie however more or less fails on each of these fronts, making "In the Light of the Moon" an ineffective movie within its genre. Perhaps if the movie would had been made 30 years earlier with a more '70's style over it the movie could had still worked out. Now you're instead better off watching the other Gein movie "Deranged", which is a surprising good movie about Gein, without using the real names of the persons.

It's a pretty distant movie that remains mostly on the surface. It shows too much of the things that aren't interesting and too little of the things that were potentially interesting. For instance the movie shows very little of Gein's grave-robbing and how he used to skin his victims and use body parts for decoration and suits out of real people's skin. The movie is more being a light-version of the Ed Gein story, as if this movie got aimed toward TV only.

It must had really been a dream-project for Steve Railsback, since he also produced. It was a kind of role that could had launched him to stardom and he also certainly ain't too bad in his role and he does look like Gein but due to the movie its execution his character also doesn't really work out effectively.

It's not an horrible movie but considering its subject it's still a disappointing one.


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