(Review originally written at 1 August 2010)

After seeing this movie I'm quite excited about seeing a whole lot more new fresh 'Star Trek' movies, even though I never have been a fan about anything Star Trek related prior to this movie. Sure, some of the movies were great and some of the television series also had some likable characters and great episodes in them but I was just never grabbed by the entire universe of worlds, species, the science aspects and other things and canon surrounding the franchise. Eeryhing was always so clean, smooth and sophisticated. And how different this movie turned out to be!

With this movie they gave the franchise a brand new look and made it more ready and appropriate for the 21th century and its modern audience. They really went back to the source with this, meaning that all of the character from the very first Star Trek series, originating back from 1966, get reintroduced and set up again. It's a reboot and I can say it's one of the best and most effective ones out of recent years, when lets of stuff seems to get a reboot.

It's simply an awesome movie to watch. You might remember all of the characters as a bit dorky and even wimpy ones but all get a fresh and better treatment in this movie now. Every character is an awesome one and gets to show his and hers special skills, that make them the perfect crew members of the USS Enterprise. It's still an 'origins' story, that shows all of the characters in their late teens, early twenties, on their first big adventure together. So it still mostly serves as a movie that sets up its characters, which only means that we can expect even greater things from future coming movies, that don't have to spend any more time on doing this.

Besides, it's a movie with plenty of action in it, which helps to make this movie such an awesome one. And the action is just simply great. Space battles never really were an awesome things to watch in any Star Trek movie or series but this one has some great, intense battles in it, that above all things are also wonderful looking ones. Its special effects are nothing short of great and make this movie a beautiful and spectacular one. J.J. Abrams really again nailed it with this one! The smooth, perfect look of the previous series and movies is pretty much gone in this movie and things look more gritty, realistic and spectacular.

Another really surprising thing about this movie is its acting. Not all cast members are well known established names but everybody absolutely did an outstanding job with their characters. I really hope they can keep the cast together for lots of more future Star Trek movies to come, with J.J. Abrams at the helm again.

Granted that the story is not really that great or special enough. Even the villain, no matter how awesome he is, just isn't that much of an interesting one. Nevertheless you sort of simply look over this all while watching this movie and see it as a great, spectacular and entertaining one.

It's a fresh modern update but still one with lots of respect for the original series, characters and also its fans. They did a great job at still capturing the look of the original series but still by making it look more slick and cooler for todays new young audience as well. It's why this movie works out so well for both the die hard fans of the older Star Trek series and movies and todays audience, who never grew up with watching any earlier Star Trek stuff.

The franchise has been dusted off and really been beamed up to the 21th century by J.J. Abrams. Bring on the next films!


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