As much as this movie is being disliked, I have to say that I somewhat enjoyed it. It has a certain charm, with its guerrilla style of film-making and its controversy also makes this more or less a must-see for the fans of the genre and also help to make this movie an original and unusual watch.

But it's not like the actual movie is being that controversial once you actually see it. The title is being somewhat misleading, since it has actually nothing at all to do with the phenomenon of snuff movies, until its very end. It's just a straight-forward horror flick, that features a lot of killings. It isn't until the very last minutes that the movie attempts to play on being a snuff film and with success, since lots of people notionally thought the killing at the end to be real, which of course resulted in the ban of this movie in most countries.

It's a very random movie though, in which lots of random stuff seems to happen. Most events and characters don't even seem to connect with each other, as if everyone was playing in a totally different movie on his or her own. It makes this movie and its story a bit of a mess but to me this also added to the charm these sort of extremely cheaply made horror movies from the '70's often have.

So yes, it's a very cheap movie but this means that the film-makers were also being forced to be very creative. This in some ways worked out better than others. It does work out well with its unusual and typical '70's camera-work, while the editing on the other hand is being laughable bad at times. Same goes for the dubbing, which sounds horrible and only makes the actor's performances in the movie seem even more horrible. Yes, you could say that this movie is being an amateur like made movie, with still a global reputation due to its controversy and its controversy alone.

So how bloody and graphic is this movie actual being? Well, not really all that much to be honest. Although some of the killings are gruesome, they are more so because they are all being pointless ones of innocent people. But the movie really isn't being that graphic. It's at least being more graphic with its nudity than with any of its blood or gore. And again, it isn't until the movie its very end that it suddenly becomes a really gory and graphic one. And I really liked its ending, even though it literally came out of nowhere. It got nicely done and I can see how back in its day it was considered to be something controversial, though in this present day and time there is very little groundbreaking or disturbing about it.

I still quite liked this 'bad' movie.


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