Can't really say that this is a bad movie but it also isn't exactly one that strikes me as anything great. It does everything well but at the same time this movie just isn't being that interesting or exciting enough. It's not like the movie is doing an awful lot wrong but its settings and story just prevents this movie from ever becoming a great one or one that will leave a lasting impression.

You could say that more than half of this movie is used as a build-up. Quite pointless if you ask me, since you already know where the story will be heading to, especially when you also have already seen the first movie. It just doesn't help much that the settings during the first half are being really restrained and not enough excitement is happening. It's not like the movie is boring or anything and it also never drags or annoys but looking back at it, it still was all being pretty pointless and just not that interesting.

Main thing that this entire series is being known for is that it's using werewolfism as a metaphor for puberty. It continues to do so with this movie, by also adding in some more drug and sex related issues this time. But perhaps you have to be a girl or woman to really relate to any of the themes presented in this movie because I couldn't really.

I think I would had really liked this movie much better if it was a more straight-forward one with its horror themes and not so much a mysterious and vague one with all of its metaphors and other stuff that constantly makes you wonder what is being real and what's not in this movie.

Really not a bad movie but still just not my sort of thing, I guess, since the series is still being quite popular and loved these days, by many others.


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