Man, I'm totally watching these movies in the wrong order. First I had seen "I Am Legend", then I watched this movie and I still haven't seen the 1964 Vincent Price movie version. But none of this seems to really matter though, since each movie seems to be a different interpretation of the Richard Matheson novel.

This movie version seems to focus more on the religious aspects than anything else really. At the same time this is also what's making this movie less interesting and less effective to watch. It just never fully works out and never seems able to reach the full potential with its story. Because of this the movie is lacking in tension and also in mystery. And what exactly got resolved and explained about this movie its story in the end? Not that much really, which makes this a bit of a redundant movie to watch.

But of course the movie is still being more than just that. I works still on plenty of other levels. The main concept of the movie is still being great and fascinating for a movie within its genre, even though it didn't got executed in the best way imaginable. It's eerie to see the desolated streets of a big city and the movie does definitely have the right required atmosphere in it. I just wish that the 'villains' and their motivations were being a bit stronger and that they themselves were being a bit more scary and threatening. It would had given the movie so much more.

You could also really say that Charlton Heston was already looking a bit too old to play this sort of 'heroic' action role, even though he wasn't even 50 yet at the time. But at the same time his presence is still adding a lot to this movie and without him this movie would had probably disappeared into obscurity. He still handled the same sort of role much better in the later futuristic and post-apocalyptic science-fiction movie "Soylent Green".

All in all this movie is not being the best or most interesting execution of the story imaginable but the movie in itself still remains a good watch, especially for the lovers of 'realistic' science-fiction movies, that put its emphasis on the science.


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