(Review originally written at 11 October 2010)

This is a real uneven movie. I was absolutely loving and enjoying this movie during its first half hour or so but the movie suddenly took a turn for the worse.

It's almost like you are watching two completely different movies. It seems as if Woody Allen had two different scripts laying around but only had the time and money to make one of them. What begins all so promising and get set up so well in the movie its opening gets totally abandoned in its other half. Even some promising fun characters that still played a prominent role in the first half disappear out of the story completely.

Also the comedy seems to be different in its second half. The first half was more some quirky but realistic and fun comedy, while its second half seemed more silly and unrealistic with its story and the character's actions. The movie its first half definitely made me laugh and amused me, while its second half was just only being mildly entertaining. It's not like it made me hate this movie and in itself its second half is also not that bad but the contrast with its first half was still so big that it took away a lot of the enjoyment for me and made the movie as a whole still a disappointing one.

You will probably still get lots of enjoyment out of this movie. I mean, it's a Woody Allen comedy, so you know you are going to get some fun moments and some fun lines, from it's excellent cast. The movie leaves the actors plenty of room to improvise away for a bit. Also the comedy itself is quite well written en weaved sneakily into the movie at times. For instance a thing that gets mentioned 5 minutes earlier in the movie suddenly will later reappear again and has a surprising great comedy effect. It would had been all even better if it had a great story to go along with it as well.

The story isn't really going anywhere with its second half and only seems to preach in a very unnatural and far from convincing way. It tries to have some messages in it but it all falls flat due to the the movie its approach.

An enjoyable but overall still a more disappointing movie, that showed far more premise during its first half.


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