(Review originally written at 9 October 2010)

Just as was the case with the first movie, this is a well made one but it's also a far from involving or interesting one. Seriously, if you want to learn about Che Guevara you are better off simply reading a book or watch a documentary about him because this movie will learn you very little.

It's quite annoying how this movie doesn't really bother to explain anything or go deeper into detail with certain things. Even the character of Che remains a kind of flat one and you just don't know what is going on in his head or what his exact motivations and true beliefs were. He is mostly being a very unpredictable character that you just can't ever really care about.

To add to the confusion of it all, even more characters get introduced this time. There are dozens and dozens of speaking roles in this movie and each of those characters have a name as well. Why should we care about any of them when we can't even tell who is who anymore after a while. There are simply too many characters and the movie should had focused more on just an handful of them. It would had made the movie far more involving to watch and easier to follow.

Even though you can't really hate this movie, it's also not really a movie that is very pleasant to watch due to its overall approach. It's a hard movie to get through and you really have to sit down to watch it, without any distractions. Yet, strange as it might sound, I liked this movie a tad bit better than the first one. The overall flow was more pleasant and more was happening in this movie, although it still remains a sort of slow- and at times dragging one. The movie didn't seemed as messy and random with some of its sequences this time, almost as if they had more time to put this movie together in the editing room than was the case with the first part.

With the first movie it still seemed quite pointless that they spend so many millions of dollars on it. I mean, the movie is about just a bunch of guys going to the jungle. With this movie the money seems better spend. It has more different settings in it and also far more action. But don't think that this means this movie is an action movie please.

It remains a really well made film but don't watch this expecting to be grabbed- or learn anything from it. A good movie but without a real heart or message.


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