(Review originally written at 12 October 2010)

Although you can still somewhat describe this movie being somewhat of a screwball comedy, it's also really a movie that has more hints of a more modern type of comedy in it. The overall comedy and approach of it all and the story feels more matured and seriously put together, as if it was a movie out of a far more serious and respected genre, such as a drama or a thriller. It makes me sort of see "Some Like It Hot" as the first 'modern' comedy.

In essence this is actually being one very simple movie. It relies almost entirely on its main premise of having two guys who are forced, due to circumstances, to dress up as girls and to join an all female band, in order to get away from the mobsters that are chasing them and want to kill them. But of course lots of other stuff starts to happen and things get complicated more once they start the trip. They get themselves even in more trouble, which is of course all due to Marilyn Monroe.

It's perhaps Marilyn Monroe's most iconic and memorized roles. She never was the best actress around but she still always had an incredible screen presence, which made audiences fall in love with her. It was of course not in the least due to her looks but also thanks to her naive, girl-like charm. Besides, her singing was also always great and she does some good singing in this and sing her most recognizable song 'I Wanna Be Loved By You' in this. But you really shouldn't forget about Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. I mean, they are the ones acting in drag, mostly throughout the entire movie. They truly become almost unrecognizable, which is not just because of the way how they look but also due to their fine acting. I wouldn't imaging there were many actors at the time, fighting over a role to play a female character for almost the entire movie but they are the ones that simply did it and for that along they already should get a lot of respect.

It's a pleasantly fast moving movie, that takes us to a lot of places and there is always something going on. The characters are great comedy ones and then I am of course also talking about its fine supporting cast, that also has some other quite big names in it from the past, such as George Raft and Pat O'Brien.

One of the first great and successful 'modern' comedies.


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