(Review originally written at 23 May 2009)

Well, of course all Sleepaway Camp movies are pointless ones but at least they still followed a story. This movie is just about Angela killing another bunch of campers one by one. As a sequel it just isn't adding enough to the series, though the genre fans will see some redeeming qualities within this movie.

The killings are still nice and original. You have to hand it to the Sleepaway Camp movies that they often managed to come up with some original and gruesome killings. Not the the movie is very graphic though. More gets implied than actually shown on screen, which is a bit odd, since none of the previous Sleepaway Camp movies were holding back. Looks like the uncut version of this movie was never released, probably because the production company went bankrupt a couple of years after this movie got made, during the production of the fourth, never finished, Sleepaway Camp movie called "Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor".

The movie perhaps at points turned too much into a comedy and it didn't took itself serious enough. When an horror movie starts to do this it's often a sign that the movie isn't going to be much good, since it needs its campy humor and quirkiness to compensate for what it's lacking in story and horror.

The movie got shot at the same time as Part II, yet the movie is quite different from it. As if they spend more time on filming and putting part II together than they did on this one. The movie feels like it got done in a rush and the overall movie feels like an in between movie, the studio made to cash in more on the Sleepaway Camp movies. Not that it helped much, since the production company Double Helix Films went bankrupt, only a couple of years later.

I guess its watchable enough for the fans of the genre, though it's also a movie you can easily do without, even when you loved watching the previous two Sleepaway Camp movies.


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