(Review originally written at 27 September 2009)

This is one of those typical modern horror flicks, with action thrown into it. It focuses around two different groups of werewolves battling each other. The one group wants to be cured of the curse, while the others try to prevent the others from finding the cure to it. As a werewolf flick this movie really isn't much special but it at least is still good looking and has plenty of action in it to keep things going.

It still can't help to conceal though that the story is being quite formulaic and predictable. In it's core this movie is nothing more but a B-movie, made with a fairly low budget and just not really the greatest cast or crew involved. For some reason this movie still got a theatrical release at some places, while this is obviously a movie which should had gone straight to the DVD market instead.

The movie is still good looking though with its effects and also the look and make-up of the movie its werewolves is quite good. The movie had the Stan Winston Studio involved, which definitely adds to the movie and prevents it from ever becoming a laughable one with any of its effects.

Too bad that everything else is being so very standard. This movie basically feature nothing in it that you haven't seen before in some different movie. This movie just seems like one to cash in on a popular genre.

It also isn't a very well cast movie. What the movie is mostly lacking is a good evil menacing villain. The casting of the 'bad guys' was the worst thing of the movie, while also the leading actors of this movie weren't being too impressive. It only features some semi-well known actors in it, such as for instance Elias Koteas, Kim Coates and Tom Jackson, who still add a bit of body to the movie. I've never been too impressed with Rhona Mitra as a leading lady and she is always much better in smaller supporting roles.

One of those movie you can very easily do without, even when you are really into the genre.


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