(Review originally written at 29 September 2009)

Well, slasher flicks set at a camp aren't exactly the most original movies around and also just aren't among the best. As far as the genre goes the movie is decent enough though and offers plenty to please its genre fans.

Problem with this movie perhaps is its build up. Now there is nothing wrong with a slow and steady build up but this movie takes a lot of time building things up. It takes a while before the slasher elements and horror really kicks in but overall the movie is still good and interesting enough to hold your interest throughout. This is because the movie features quite a lot of character, who are all sort of fun and likable or not very likable in their own way.

As a slasher the movie is being pretty gory in parts, though by todays standards it's also quite fake looking all. It nevertheless is being quite straight-forward with its violence and it features lots of bloods and horror effects. For most part the movie is not being very original or surprising but yet the movie still has its moments in it, which mostly involves its horror.

Quite funny how many big well known actors seemed to start out their career with playing parts in horror movies, mostly during the '80's. This movie for instance features a young Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander. Jason Alexander's part is quite big actually and it was fun to see him act in the same sort of way already like he later would in his career, only with hair this time.

A good enough movie to watch but not really interesting or original enough to stand out within its genre.


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