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This is really one great fun comedy, that can be seen as an early parody of the western genre.

Parodies actually weren't quite common yet in the '40's. Besides, westerns themselves also weren't that popular anymore at the time, so this movie seemed a bit like an unlikely one and a bit of a gamble that paid off very well in the end.

It's a real fun movie to watch, thanks to its humor. As a comedy this movie is just great and does definitely has some funny moments in it. Not just physically but also it's writing and acting from Bob Hope is what's making this movie often so fun to watch.

I must say that Bob Hope was really one great comedy actor, who know how to handle its slapstick as well as its dialogs. A real actor who just seemed to be made for the genre. He adds quite a lot to this movie and often makes scenes that otherwise wouldn't had been very funny hilarious to watch. Too bad that Jane Russell impresses less. She just wasn't being a very great actress in this movie and it doesn't seem like a big wonder that her career never got off the ground and mostly played her film roles in the '40's and '50's only. There also is absolutely no chemistry between her and the Bob Hope character, not even in the sequences when there really is supposed to be. She must hate the character for most part of the movie though luckily, which still makes her performance a bit bearable for some parts of the movie. Oh well, at least the movie knew who to put it's main focus on though; Bob Hope.

It was kind of weird though seeing Bob Hope blast away all those Indians with his guns, just for the comic effect of it all. I don't know, it just didn't felt right. The whole thing just had a bit of a racist thing over it.

It was a good choice this shoot this picture in full color. It makes the movie a bright one to watch obviously, which adds to the fun feeling of the overall movie. It also makes the movie perhaps a bit fake and campy looking but again, this also adds to the overall feeling of the movie and seems suiting for an early genre movie such as this one.

Still they could had spend some more time on its story. Now the story is mostly being dull and hard to follow, simply because it's such an uninteresting one. They tried to put in perhaps a too serious main plot-line, which is in huge contrast with the movie its comedy and the reason why the story just never becomes compelling. The movie is best to watch while switching your brain off and when you're just not wondering too much what the movie is all about, who all these characters are and what their motivations all are. No, just sit back and enjoy this movie please!

A surprisingly great and funny western parody from the late '40's!


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