(Review originally written at 10 November 2010)

When you look at this movie it's concept and settings you should think that it will turn out to be one of the most entertaining things ever. It really has all of the right ingredients in it to make a good, spectacular and enjoyable movie out of but in fact I was more annoyed by this movie than entertained.

Problem with this movie is that it's a very messy one story-wise. I'm sorry, I just couldn't discover a clear main plot-line in this and I tried really hard to because I really wanted to like watching this film. Half of the time I couldn't even tell what was going on, just because I couldn't care about any of it. I just never got into this movie while watching.

Anothing thing that this movie suffers heavily from is that it doesn't seem to able to make up its mind what it is trying to be. At times the movie feels like a goofy comedy, while at others it's obviously trying to be a more straight-forward adventure/action movie. Both of these approaches don't exactly strengthen one another. Perhaps this is mostly due to the James Bond background of director Peter R. Hunt. He has worked on many different James Bond movies, in many different ways, throughout the decades. James Bond movies, especially the older ones, also are the type of movies that the one moment doesn't take itself very seriously, while at the other it is still trying to be a good and clever spy thriller/action flick. This approach works for most of the James Bond movies and make them real fun to watch but this approach completely falls flat for "Shout at the Devil".

And speaking of James Bond, the main character in this movie is being played by Roger Moore, which is not a coincidence of course. And I'm sorry but whenever I see Roger Moore in an '70's or '80's movie I can't see him as anyone else than James Bond. It doesn't help much that Moore hasn't tried to play many different sort of roles throughout his career and he just doesn't seem to have a very wide range as an actor. Luckily the movie also has Lee Marvin in it, who is much better and also way more fun to watch.

Not half as good or entertaining as I was hoping and expecting it to be.


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