(Review originally written at 10 November 2010)

Pam Grier is in this but I would call this movie still more exploitation than blaxploitation really.

It's a movie filled with some (unconvincing) violence and random nudity and sex. So obviously this is a exploitation flick alright. Now, I have no problem with some nudity and sex in a movie but problem with exploitation flicks is often being that those moments are very random and add nothing at all to the movie its story. It instead slows it more often down because it often focuses heavily on those moments and make them overlong.

The first half of the movie is pretty much being a lesbian prison exploitation flick, with attractive female prisoners walking around in tight and short outfits and with female guards, who do more than just eye them. The second half is totally different however. It is way more random than its first half and you would think that the movie would start to focus on the two female prisoners who escaped but are still being chained together but the movie focuses more on the different groups chasing them. And there are a whole bunch of people after them, which perhaps sounds pretty cool but instead more works out as being unnecessary and overly complicated. It's as if the movie tried too hard to create some depth to its story and characters but it really doesn't work out too interestingly.

Of course it's being a pretty cheap made and looking movie. Does also prevents from anything in the movie to ever work out above the level of decent. Nothing special about the movie its settings, directing or acting but it all serves its purpose well enough and make this still a watchable movie.

Yes, the movie is being regardless of everything still a pretty entertaining one to watch, like often is the case with '70's exploitation pieces. Even though the story is being very random, it still is what makes the movie a fun one to watch because so much random insanity is going on in it. Lots of moments and characters don't even serve a purpose in the movie, once you start thinking about them but you should never think too much about anything going on when watching an exploitation flick in the first place.

Enjoyable enough for what it is.


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