(Review originally written at 11 November 2010)

To be fair, I at first was quite impressed by this movie, at how well it all looked and how professionally everyone involved behind and in front of the camera obviously was. If you take out the sex sequences you simple have one good movie that could pass as a more serious one, instead of as merely a porn flick. Even the acting was pretty good but pretty soon on I already started to get annoyed and disappointed with this movie.

First of all, does this movie actually have anything to do with the 1973 porno chic classic by the same name? Really hardly anything at all, though this movie is still being listed as being a remake of it. There are only some small connections, though basically the story and all of the characters are totally different ones.

I really did wish this movie stayed more close to the original though. Perhaps that way I would had enjoyed it more and wouldn't had been as annoyed by the story as I was now. It's an extremely messy story that gets told extremely confusing. I'll bet most people who watch this have no idea what is going on, if you don't know what the concept of the original first movie was all about. It's obviously not because it's a complicated story, it's just because it got told so poorly and just plain messy. The jumps between 'reality' and 'fiction' is what makes the movie extremely confusing and tiresome.

The sex sequences come and go quite randomly in this movie but at least the movie does not consists out of pre-shot footage for those moments. They are actually weaved into the movie pretty well. About half way through however the movie suddenly turns into a sadomasochist one, which came pretty much out of nowhere and isn't really in tone with the rest of the movie. But if that's your thing, you obviously won't complain too much about this.

What I liked about this movie was that it did mostly featured some elderly (for porn standards of course) female porn-stars in this. Good to see their careers aren't over for them once they turn 30 but they can actually keep performing, even in some high quality and costly productions like this one.

So it's a movie that is good looking and all and it got professionally done, expect for its annoying and confusing story, that ruined still quite a lot.


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