(Review originally written at 26 October 2009)

Exploitation movies of course never have really been a sign of good taste but perhaps the most tasteless sub-genre within the exploitation genre are the ones featuring Nazi's.

Even though the intro text at the beginning of the movie suggest otherwise, this movie is made for one reason only; to be provocative and shock the viewers with basically every exploitation element from the book. Not only is there all lot of blood and violence, the movie also contains lots of nudity and rape sequences, in which both males and females are the victims and they are not only being raped by males this time. After all, this is a movie about Ilsa, she wolf of the SS. A dominant female doctor who conducts all horrible kind of tests on her female prisoners in a camp, in order to prove her own developed theory that women are better at handling pain than the male species. The male prisoners at the camp serve a whole different purpose for her; to please her in bed and when she isn't pleased with the result, you'll never get out being the same man again.

This is basically what the entire movie is about. Rape and torture. The movie is porn for sadist, without of course truly convincing as being a very credible movie. It all above all really remains a big fat B-movie, that often is ridicules but more often still truly disgusting. It doesn't alway convince visually but the ideas and set up of some sequences are already enough to be provocative.

It's not hard to see why this movie has grown out in to becoming a cult classic. The title of the movie alone is already good enough to make this an instant cult classic of course. It hove doesn't mean that the movie is also good enough, even for within its genre, to truly impressive and call this a must-see cult classic.


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