(Review originally written at 22 October 2009)

This movie isn't exactly an example of great taste but still you can't help laughing at it.

It's one of those movies that is humor filled, with means that you are being bombarded constantly with jokes, of which some are just too lame for words, while others will make you laugh surely. Really a movie with hits and misses but luckily in this case the movie its hits make it worthwhile.

Because it spoofs so many movie, the movie isn't really being a one-joke movie. Its plot line provides the movie with plenty of opportunities to let spoof-sequences fill up the movie. It lets the story flow rather well and keeps the pace high but pleasant. Even though it's all quite silly and very childish, it's a movie that entertains and that was of course also exactly what this movie got made for. It's a spoof in the same trend as the Naked Gun movies for instance, which on its own also aren't exactly great movies but hilarious and entertaining ones nevertheless.

You can say that this movie got made at the right time. Horror movies were starting to regain their popularity again at the time and the Scary Movie-series perfectly exploits this. It makes these movie very profitable ones and it also adds to the popularity of both the modern horror and comedy genre. I sort of feel that the Scary Movie movies are also somewhat responsible for the many horror remakes of classic movies. These movies showed, by spoofing them, how popular and still well known these classic movies were by the young movie goers and therefore also profitable and interesting to do for the big studios.

This movie is simply good and fun for what it is!


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