(Review originally written at 22 October 2009)

Unlike "A Nigthmare on Elm Street" and "Halloween" this movie has never truly been considered a brilliant movie within its genre but yet it's up there with these two movies as the most genre defining and classic movies.

It's of course not that "Friday the 13th" is a bad movie, it's just also one that is being quite standard and formulaic with as a difference that the execution of it all is done just a bit better and more effective than other genre attempts from the same period. In that regard it's certainly true that "Friday the 13th" was a genre defining movie, that set the new standards for later movies.

The movie has everything in it that you can expect from a genre movie. Basically all the movie is about a bunch of youngster being killed off one by one at an abandoned campsite. Out of all the genre movies featuring a similar type of concept, this movie really doesn't have the best story but it does have one of the best approaches. It's being kept a good secret who is the killer for a long time and also what his/her motivations are exactly. It makes the movie eerie and suspenseful and also the twists in the story work out nicely for the movie because it isn't really what you would normally expect.

It does have a couple of great moments in it and also the ending is quite memorable. Guess the movie could had been a bit more bloody and gorier but that is not what the movie is trying to achieve. It tries to shock the viewer more with its moments, rather than lots of blood and brutal killings.

A good genre defining movie from the early '80's.


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  1. "this movie has never truly been considered a brilliant movie within its genre"? Considered by whom? You? It's not possible to even discuss classic horror movies without bring up the original Friday The 13th.