(Review originally written at 22 October 2009)

Normally comedy sequels aren't exactly the better movies but in this case I feel that this is a much better movie than its predecessor "Scary Movie" from 2000.

What makes this movie better is its comedy. "Scary Movie" was still in lots of parts a very lame movie. Of course "Scary Movie 2" also does has its lame moments in it but overall the humor seemed more structured and better written and executed this time. Not to call this movie very mature though.

Its story also progressed better. This time there actually was somewhat a main plot-line and the many movies that it spoofs in this one are better fitted in into the story. The first movie was simply being a spoof for the sake of being one. It makes this sequel a bit more pleasant to follow. Strangely enough this is a movie that got made under pressure from the big studios that wanted to cash in quickly one year already after the success of the first movie. It's strange because this movie its end result seems far better, as does its story.

The characters also work out better in this one. Most of the actors from the first movie reprise their roles in this one again, so the movie doesn't has to waste a lot of time of introducing them again to the viewers. This movie however also has some more big names in it this time, with some big actors appearing in some small roles, such as James Woods and Tim Curry, who both did a hilarious job.

Better humor, better story, better characters. Simply a better movie than the first "Scary Movie".


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