(Review originally written at 23 October 2009)

This one of those movies you just can't go wrong with. It has a great story, great actors and a great director at the helm.

It's a movie that received 14 Oscar nominations at the time and took home 6 of them, including the one for best picture, in the same year that movies like "Sunset Blvd." and "Born Yesterday" were nominated. It's a stylish and very well done movie that from a cinematic point of view is a superb one, even when its moments and emotions are obviously exaggerated for its cinematic reasons. It doesn't matter since "All About Eve" is a real movie movie, made for the big screen and written for the actors to shine in it.

Bette Davis is truly fantastic in some of the movie its moments but still I feel that Anne Baxter and George Sanders perhaps deserve even more credit for their roles. It after all is also Anne Baxter who plays the true main character of the movie, at least in the second halve. Because of this both Davis and Baxter also got nominated in the same category for best actress in a leading role. Of course not something that is very usual. Both lost out however to Judy Holliday for her role in "Born Yesterday".

It's story progresses nicely throughout its 138 minutes of running time. It perhaps gets a bit predictable after a while, especially for todays audience but the class and style this movie got made with keeps you watching- and interested throughout its entire running time. The script provides the movie with a couple of great dialogs, which in return brings out the best of some the actors. It's a real story that got character driven and could had basically been about anything and still would had made a great movie.

One fine multiple Oscar winning production from Darryl F. Zanuck and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz.


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