(Review originally written at 17 October 2009)

Well, story-wise this is just a very weak. Funny enough it got written by George Eastman, the man who plays the killer in this movie and it's predecessor "Antropophagus".

Yes, despite the many titles this movie is known under, this movie is still really being a sequel to the 1980 movie "Antropophagus", which also got directed by Joe D'Amato. "Antropophagus" was truly one of the nastiest movies I've ever seen because of two very memorable gory moments. While this movie is also being gory and got banned at many countries at the time of its release, it's lacking really in the atmosphere and memorable moments of the original movie.

This is not really an horror, it's merely a movie with some gory sequences in it. The movie never gets tense and it will never scare you in any way. Still for the fans of video nasties this remains a good watch, especially if you want to see more after watching "Antropophagus". The movie does really feature some gory moments and original nasty killings in it.

The movie mostly remains watchable because it features the same maniacal killer as the original did. He's just one of those great genre characters that can really make a movie work out, even when everything else about the movie is done quite poorly.

Just some good simple old fashioned Italian nasty fun.


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