(Review originally written at 21 October 2009)

It all isn't quite good enough to considering this movie a true classic, especially when you compare this one to its previous two predecessors. Out of the Godfather-trilogy this movie is also definitely the least great one but that of course really does not mean that this is a bad movie. Far from it of course really.

I still see "The Godfather: Part III" as a great movie to end the saga. It ties up the loose ends and shows how the characters from the first two movies end up eventually, in the more modern world and age of the late '70's.

It's quite amazing that this movie got made 14 years after the previous Godfather movie but it still manages to maintain the same type of atmosphere and overall cinematic style, even when this movie is set in an entirely different time frame as well, as from the previous two movies. I think that's also way there is simply no way hating this movie when you've already loved watching the previous two movies, even though when this still remains a much hated and criticized movie, which just seems to be simply because of the fact that this movie isn't quite as good as the previous two masterpieces out of the series.

It was also great to see that after 14 years basically every actor was willing to reprise his role again from the previous- or the first two movies. Even persons who played some very small roles return in this movie again, except for Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen, who was demanding too much to reprise his role again. His character is being replaced by a new one, played by George Hamilton. Hamilton is of course not the only new big name in this movie. Andy Garcia, Joe Mantegna and Eli Wallach are all some welcomed new additions to the cast. Garcia even earned his, so far, only Oscar nomination for his role in this movie. And yes well about Sofia Coppola. She simply is no actress and there should had been no way that she should had been in this movie but her character and her plot line with the Garcia character all play a fairly small part, considering that the story is build up out of many different story lines, which all brilliantly come together in the final sequence.

"The Godfather: Part III" is well written and it has a great main premise of the Corleone family trying to legitimize their business. But just when they thought they were out, they get pulled back right in, when different characters from different corners try to take advantage of the situation, business and money-wise. Perhaps it's due to the fact that this is the first Godfather movie that is not being based on a Mario Puzo novel but I feel that out of the three Godfather movies the story in this one works out the best, from a cinematic perspective. It's definitely really a movie written for the screen, which had still Mario Puzo involved as the writer of the screenplay, along with the director Francis Ford Coppola.

Just like the previous the previous two movies, this movie as well as some great memorable sequences in it, which not in the least are due thanks to the great acting in the movie. It's a movie that got nominated for 7 Oscar's, including best picture, but eventually it won none. It was up against movies like "Dances with Wolves", "Goodfellas", "Ghost" and "Awekenings" that year, so it's no big shame that it won none. It at least says nothing about the great qualities of this movie.

A great fitting movie to end the Godfather trilogy.


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