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This religious-propaganda series have never hid from what they were trying to be. Constant praying and Christian values play a central role in these movies but is that all really that fitting and interesting to watch when the entire world is going to hell in this movie. I wanted to see global chaos and panic but none of that ever happens, cause everything is going to be alright when you put your faith in God's hands. At least that has always been the message these movies were trying to send out.

It was not all that bad to watch though. Luckily they had a decent budget to spend, which can be seen in the movie its look and some of its action and effects. It makes the movie a bit more credible to watch than its predecessors.

It still is an odd thing what an incredible big leap with its story this movie suddenly makes from its last movie entry. Supposedly 8 books or so were simply skipped to come to this finale to the series. Probably because they knew that there was going to be no way that they could film all of the books out of the series, most likely due to budgeting reasons. Somehow I think this movies never really have been very profitable ones to make. It makes it all the more disappointing that the climax of this movie really isn't very satisfying. Seriously, what did even happen at the end? When you have an open ending you should at least provide some more information at what could be happening afterward.

The movie tries to be fast and spectacular to watch but it has far too many slow and dull moments in it for that. Out all of the Left Behind movies, this is the one in which the characters also work out less well, even though it has exactly the same characters and mostly the same actors portraying them. The Anti-Christ for instance gets far too less to do. This guy is supposed to be the biggest villain to have ever walked the Earth but he just sits around at his office pulling the strings, without really coming across as dangerously villainous.

Not the best end imaginable to the series.


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