(Review originally written at 17 August 2010)

It's of course incredibly hard to really tell a story in a short that only lasts 4 minutes. It's important to have a real strong concept and premise but before you can get things developed you also need to wrap up things again. In other words, it's often harder to come up with a good short than actually one that lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, or so.

Having a good and above all an original idea and approach is already half the work. And I feel that this movie picked a good approach to things. This movie is certainly an unique and good watch, due to its approach. It's a visually strong movie, that only features narration and no actual dialog. There's even only just one character in the entire movie, not counting in the dog. It has narration throughout its entire movie but it are still the images that tell most of the story.

And it's a real good thing that this film has visuals that speak for themselves, fore the story itself isn't really self explanatory, at least not in the way it gets handled in this movie. It's a quite heavy-handed subject and story, that gets told rather confusingly and just in parts. I do know this was intentionally, since the story gets told from the mind of our protagonist, who is obviously confused, full with emotions and thoughts and is about to end to his life but that doesn't really make this movie that pleasant to follow, due to its storytelling. You can also perhaps say that its being a bit too grim. But this can only be a complaint for some of its viewers. It's just a personal thing for everyone that is not saying anything about any of its artistic and film-making qualities, since this was something intentional.

Seems a bit odd though that for a movie in which the narration plays such an important role they couldn't get some better equipment, or studio, for the recording of its dialog. It just sounds a bit muffled. The music on the other hand sounded great and the musical score fitted the movie real nice.

Perhaps you can say, that at least to me, I liked this short more for its style than its actual substance but for those who like to read a bit more into movies and get into really get into a characters mind, this is simply a great movie.


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