(Review originally written at 17 August 2010)

This movie serves its purpose well enough, despite that it's an heavily flawed one.

The movie is being pretty simplistic. It purely relies on its main concept and there is not really any depth or development to be found in this movie, to its story or characters. This is a bit of a complaint, since the movie could had been a far better one, if it had taken itself a bit more serious.

Like so many Hong Kong genre movies, this one has plenty of humor in it. I would say that this movie is about 70% a comedy and only 30% a true horror. Not that its ever hilarious or truly clever and original with its comedy but it at least makes the movie a fun one to watch throughout.

Not too sure that the fans of horror and the zombie sub-genre in particular will be that pleased with this movie. It's being called Hong Kong's answer to George Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead" but this movie in all honesty comes never nowhere close to its level of excellence. It's just too simplistic and not serious enough for that, though on its own right this is definitely still a watchable, fun little movie.

If only the movie would had been a bit bigger they could had also done a bit more with its gore and zombies. It's now a fairly cheap looking movie, with cheap looking make-up effects and not quite enough gore and shock for a zombie movie really. There is gore and violence but most of this is happening off screen. Not sure if this was done because of budget reasons or if they actually wanted to go for a lower age rating. It's probably a combination of both.

But oh well, the movie does definitely not bore and is simply entertaining throughout. It therefore simply serves its purpose and means that this movie is a perfectly watchable one.


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