(Review originally written at 17 August 2010)

In all honesty, this was a movie with some real great potential. It could had actually really been a decent movie, if it had only an actual script to work with.

This movie is totally lame and silly but almost in a good way. It has so much cult potential in it with its awesome main concept, great weapons and vehicles and over-the-top silly action, that defies all logic. It makes the movie real fun to watch but at the same time it also remains simply an horrible one.

It's literally a laughable bad movie, which is not just due to its simplistic story and lame characters and dialog but also because of the way how it looks. I'm not even talking about Ace Hunter's heroic costume and haircut but more about the overall visual look of this movie, that is horribly cheap. The use of the blue-screen is often real laughable and some of the action is just totally insane, in a true laughable way, without giving anything away about it. Seems like this movie got also actually aimed toward kids, also judging by its action. The movie is at least being very childish and simplistic.

But really, I could had been OK with all this. This movie would had been a perfect, campy, science-fiction, action, cult-classic if only it had a half decent story in it. Seriously, I can't even tell what this movie is about and it's not like this is being a very complicated movie. It's just about nothing really and it only seems to rely on its main concept of having Megaforce, battling and blasting away a bunch of bad guys. But why, how and who? I have no idea about that really. Granted that I was not alway paying much attention but that was because the movie could hardly hold my interest.

It's still a movie you could have a fun time with watching because of how bad and silly it can all get but still it remains a huge waste and shame that they didn't do any more and anything better with its potentially great and awesome concept.


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