(Review originally written at 16 November 2010)

Basically there always have been two different type of westerns. First you have the raw and gritty ones but secondly you also have the more entertaining and adventurous ones. Those type of movies were mostly popular during the '50's, before the spaghetti-western made its big entrance in the cinematic world. This movie is definitely being an adventurous one, with its constant traveling and many different characters, with all their own personal agendas.

This is movie is actually being a very simplistic one, with minimal story. It's just a story about getting from point A to B, in between some unforeseen events happen, with all of the characters having to deal with it. So it's also a movie that relies on its characters and their back-stories. They are what mostly keep the movie going at moments that not an awful lot is happening in the movie. It's what also keeps the movie mostly interesting and all of the movie its unpredictable aspects come from its characters, played by well known actors such as James Coburn and Lee Van Cleef.

The movie does definitely has its slower moments but luckily there is also still a lot happening. There is some action, without falling into the genre its clich├ęs. It helps to make this movie also an unpredictable one and therefore a quite original and pleasant one to watch within its genre.

It's definitely a well told and done fun little entertaining western, that I simply enjoyed watching throughout.


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