(Review originally written at 16 November 2010)

This movie is so bad that it's not even funny. As a matter of fact, the movie tries to be funny, which makes it even more worse.

I know it's an incredibly cheap movie and you shouldn't expect much from it at all but they could had at least tried to do something either interesting or amusing with its concept. The movie foremost attempts to be a comedy but the humor in this is incredibly lame and it all not in the least falls flat because it has some absolutely horrible actors in it. This seriously is a type of movie that annoys me heavily. Really can't see how anyone could ever watch this and still get some entertainment from it. It's absolutely horrible in about every way thinkable.

Really nothing funny is ever happening in this movie but also very little as well. I am not saying that this movie should had taken, for instance, its horror aspects more serious but it could had tried to put something interesting in it, which could had kept the concept and story interesting and going. I now was instead really bored by this movie and was already really fed up with all of it, after about 20 minutes in. And the movie could had easily ended after that point because there simply isn't much good happening in this movie at all which makes anything in it worth watching.

One thing that also annoys heavily is the look throughout this movie. I'm not even complaining about its cheap look and formulaic camera-work but more that the movie for most part is supposed to be set at night, while all of the sequences are obviously filmed during the day time. They tried to use a filter, that let the sequences appear as if they were filmed at night but it only gives the movie a bad, blueish look. They probably went; 'yeah don't worry about things getting shot in the day light, we we'll fix it in post-production', without having a clue what they were doing.

This movie was almost completely unwatchable for me because of how bad it was, at basically just about every level.


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