(Review originally written at 15 November 2010)

A town full of vampires and this is all the film-makers could come up with? For the fans of the genre this movie will mainly be one big disappointment.

It's not hard to see why this movie failed. It simply isn't a very exciting movie to watch at all. When you have a concept of having a town full of vampires, you would surely expect some more excitement and some atmospheric tension. Especially horror-wise this movie falls incredibly flat. As a matter of fact, this movie does not look and feel at all like a vampire flick. It's more of a zombie flick in its style and story handling. This is not a bad thing of course but it is when it simply doesn't work out as well, as is the case with this movie.

Only one thing worse than a bad Italian zombie flick and that's a bad Spanish one. The Spanish, in mainly the '70's, tried to mimic a lot of different Italian horror movie styles but this has given us more really bad than really great movies though. They are all pretty much the same in style, story, characters and settings but they just aren't as skilfully and originally done as its Italian counterparts.

You could even call this movie a bit of a bore, since basically very little interesting is happening, horror-wise, in its first 20 minutes. But also after that, the movie remains a mostly dull one, in which very little excitement is happening. The movie doesn't even build up its tension very well and it ruins its own atmosphere and potential. It's also a real shame that they couldn't even come up with some original or remotely interesting for its story.

Also don't expect a lot of gore. Just like the rest of the movie its horror, it's lacking. I seriously can't see how this movie can please any genre lover. No, I admit it's not the worst genre attempt but that doesn't mean that it's being much good either.


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