(Review originally written at 30 May 2009)

Well, this is definitely not a movie to take very seriously. It's a late sequel within the Sleepaway Camp-series (at least when you're not counting the unfinished fourth movie) and it's a pretty worthy one. Not that its brilliant or anything but its simply a enjoyable movie to watch, especially when you're familiar with the other Sleepaway Camp movies.

The movie is filled with references to the other Sleepaway Camp movies, especially the first one. It doesn't make this movie original of course but for the fans of the first movie its fun to see this movie paying a sort of an homage to the 1983 cult movie. The movie even brings back some of the actors from the 1983, something that none of the other sequels ever managed to do.

The thing the movie probably is still the most original with are its killings. The Sleepaway Camp movies always have been filled with some original and often disgusting killings and this movie really forms no exception to this.

But above all the movie remains a fun one to watch. luckily the movie itself also doesn't take itself very serious and as a comedy this movie is definitely more effective as an horror. It's pretty silly and childish all at times but it suits the movie and makes this movie an enjoyable one.

It's characters are all quite stereotypical, just like was the case in any of the other previous Sleepaway Camp entries. It makes this movie all the more B-movie like, also with the help from the actors, that are going over-the-top with their performances. Still the movie has some good actors in it such as Vincent Pastore and Isaac Hayes in his last released movie as an actor. He basically plays his Chef character from the "South Park"-series in this movie and even wears the same clothes. Too bad he so suddenly disappears out of the movie, as if they had only contracted him for one day of work for this movie, which probably also in fact was the case.

It's of course far from a great movie, like basically all of the other Sleepaway Camp movies were also far from great. But the movie is fun to watch, especially when you have seen the previous Sleepaway Camp movie entries. A next sequel is already in development.


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