(Review originally written at 12 June 2009)

No matter what you think of the quality of the Gremlin-movies, they are still the best horror comedies, suitable for the entire family, around. You could say that the movies are foremost being aimed toward children, like Joe Dante often does but that doesn't mean the movie is being too childish, like movies of this sort often tend to be.

The movie is still actually pretty lame and simplistic but it doesn't take away any of the movie its entertainment value. This time there are more Gremlins than ever, who also cause more crazier and bigger mayhem than ever before.

Still you feel that if the movie would had been a little bit more carefully writing with eye for detail and development this could had been a much better movie. The movie is now being pretty simplistic overall and in the way the story progresses. The movie offers little surprises and mostly just relies on the antics of the evil Gremlins.

Also the effect could had been more professional. Sure, this is an early '90's movie but some of the effects are simply below par, even for its time. On the other hand some of the effects are done really well, mostly involving the Gremlins of course.

It's foremost really a Gremlins movie. The movie features plenty of them and Gizmo is being cute as always. This however also means that pretty much all of the human characters are being put to the background and stand in the shadows of the movie its little monsters. You can blame this on the movie its lazy writing I think, though it of course at the same time is also what makes the movie an highly entertaining one to watch.

It's also fun that the movie stars Christopher Lee. It's one of the earlier movies in which he spoofs his own horror image.

Joe Dante understands the genre and also knows his classics. Too bad that none of his movies really ever reached the level of greatness, though he has done his share of well known and appreciated movies. He was once considered to be the next Spielberg but this never really pushed through. Still he is a director who knows how to make a movie entertaining to watch, like he also showed with movies such as "Innerspace" and "Small Soldiers" for instance.

He also often worked with composer Jerry Goldsmith, who with his Gremlins movies scores delivered one of his iconic works.

It's a pretty simple and over-the-top crazy movie but its all good fun and entertainment for the entire family!


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