(Review originally written at 27 August 2007)

It isn't the type of movie that is terribly tense or filled with some good scare moments. It instead tries to be very gory at moments and all of the characters are fun and slightly comical like. Seemed like the movie was almost trying to be a parody of the genre, I guess this was done intentional and it also works out pleasant. It doesn't make "The Relic" a big heavy serious movie to watch but an enjoyable easy one for in between instead. Nothing beats a big bad monster chopping off museum-guest heads and eating up their brains.

The movie is filled with a couple of good moments and the right sort of dark atmosphere but just when the movie heats up, it's already over again. The ending comes too abrupt and therefor the eventual movie as a whole leaves a sort of a bitter aftertaste and an unsatisfying impression.

Seemed like they were influenced a bit too much by "Jurassic Park". Some sequences and even camera-angles are just a bit too similar. Further more the movie also shows one or two similarities to the "Alien"-movies but then again, which modern monster movie doesn't?

I must say, Tom Sizemore was great in his role. It was also one of his first big roles, that got Hollywood's attention and his career started to take really off, before he himself destroyed it singlehandedly again a couple of years ago, by drugs and appearing in his own shot porn adventures. I couldn't care less about the Penelope Ann Miller character. The rest of the supporting cast is mostly put in the movie for the fun of it and to fill up the screen, with fine actors such as Linda Hunt and James Whitmore.

Watchable for the fans of modern, 'big budget' B-horror. If you liked movies such as "Mimic", "Species", "Alien: Resurrection", chances are you'll probably also end up liking this movie.


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