(Review originally written at 27 August 2007)

This is a really sweet little Buster Keaton movie, with a greatly executed story.

Its story is fun enough to make the movie consistently a fun one. It's the sort of story that has copied a lot in movies ever since but also was used in movies before this one. It's even a popular subject for modern present day comedies. It perhaps makes "Seven Chances" seem less original than it in fact truly is of course.

The movie uses a lot of title cards. I mean, basically every line that gets spoken in the movie gets shown in a title card. It also makes the dialog part of the comedy of the movie. It isn't a much visual comedy, meaning that it doesn't really feature much slapstick or things like that. It's more a movie that relies on its comical situations and of course on the acting comical talent of Buster Keaton. Also the supporting cast is really more than great.

The movie begins a bit standard and perhaps even a bit slow but when the movie its story starts to take form the movie turns into one great laugh fest, with the last 20 minutes or so as the ultimate highlight, when things start to get really crazy and paced and the movie gets turned into one big non-stop comical chase! It's the one great fun moment after the other, with also some great and dangerous stunt work again from Buster Keaton himself!

A great Buster Keaton must-see, from the silent-era!


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